A way out of the crisis


ReMed is a support network for doctors. It disseminates know-how and expertise on health promotion and illness prevention for doctors, and raises awareness among them in the interests of their health. ReMed provides a wide range of services to support doctors in crisis situations. The aim is to maintain the health of doctors and their ability to function as a physician, and to guarantee patient safety and the high quality of medical care.




  • ReMed arranges for doctors to benefit from knowledge and experience for their health promotion and prevention.
  • ReMed supports doctors in crisis situations with a wide range of services (crisis intervention – mentoring – coaching).
  • ReMed advises doctors who turn to the programme because they or regulatory bodies want to establish whether they meet current quality standards.


The first step

Do you need help, or do you know a col­league who needs help?
​​​​​​​​​​​​24-hour hotline
0800 0 73633
0800 0 ReMed



In case of emergency, please call the emergency number 144 or the help line “Heart2Heart” 0800 143 000.

​​​​​​​For media inquiries: kommunikation@fmh.ch


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