The doctor's health is crucial

Doctors are not immune to crises, which can suddenly invade their daily routine and turn their lives upside down: a conflict at work which degenerates abruptly, a mistake in treatment shattering one’s self-confidence, or relationship problems triggering depressive moods.
The physicians of the support network ReMed offer help at such critical times. They are familiar with the stresses which the doctor’s daily work brings, and offer targeted support – providing the help that is specifically oriented to meet the needs of the medical profession. All consultations are held doctor-to-doctor on an equal footing.
The health of health professionals has become an important topic in recent years. ReMed follows current discussions and regularly provides information about how its own project is going.

Manual Further information

The manual provides a basic guide to ReMed's offerings, in order to ensure a standardised procedure throughout Switzerland. It is available in German, French and Italian and can be downloaded, along with other information, from the website. Documents are available in German, French and Italian.



ReMed reports every year about its activities during the past year und gives an outlook for the coming year.

Documents are available in German and French.

The first step

Do you need help, or do you know a col­league who needs help?
​​​​​​​​​​​​24-hour hotline
0800 0 73633
0800 0 ReMed



In case of emergency, please call the emergency number 144 or the help line “Heart2Heart” 0800 143 000.

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